Grace Robinson Evenementen
“Claudia is an expert when it comes to art in many ways. She has shown her professionalism and knowledge in our business to business events. She also knows her way in the international world of art. Besides that, she’s a lovely person to work with, punctual at each step of the process.”
Hugh Gibson - Director Thomas Gibson Fine Art ltd, London
“Always punctual in her time-keeping and well-presented, I would happily recommend Claudia as a very capable and reliable art professional.”
Galerie Ron Mandos
“Ik merk dat zowel kunstenaars als klanten het heel fijn vinden om met Claudia in contact te zijn.”
Miguel de Backer - Absolute Art Gallery
“Wij willen zeker met Claudia blijven samenwerken in de toekomst, zij is een meerwaarde op onze stand.”
Jacqueline Simcox Ltd, London
“I can not recommend Ms. Klerkx enough to anyone wishing to employ her in the art world, since she would be a great asset to their business and it has been a pleasure to work with her.”
Mel Bagshaw - Artist
 “I first encountered Claudia via a telephone call when she was interviewing me to construct a press release for my solo show in Amsterdam. I was immediately impressed by her knowledge of my work and her insightful questions which allowed me to talk about about my work in new and unexpected ways. Upon meeting Claudia in person I was struck by her efficiency and organisational skills, which helped to produce a highly successful private view night and beyond. While she is very serious and professional about her work, she is also a delightful person to be around and conducts herself with style, vigour, wit and good humour. I would highly recommend a collaboration with Claudia.”
Edwin Bakker - Stichting Artes
“Claudia is an intelligent, charming and trustworthy person. She knows how to make a good deal for both parties in a complex business situation. She’s honestly interested in other persons motive, drive and goal. Furthermore she knows what she is talking about. And she’s fun talking with.”
Olivië - Beeldend Kunstenaar
“Het enthousiasme waarin ik creëer en onderneem weet Claudia analytisch te vertalen naar een beloopbaar pad en/of begrijpbare taal. Zelfs voor degene met een eigen visie maar minder slagkracht is zij bereid haar expertise in te zetten of balboekje te delen. Claudia is voor mij een menselijke, pragmatische professional die ik iedere kunstenaar aanbeveel wanneer deze een stap verder wil in zijn carrière.”